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article imageScientists discover that mammoths and mastodons were homebodies

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 23, 2014 in Science
Cincinnati - According to new research from the University of Cincinnati mastodons and mammoths loved to hang out in the area. Areas of Cincinnati reportedly played host to these huge creatures all year.
Reports refer to these creatures as the "hipsters" of the age. More research is necessary but so far it seems that they have some significant proof of this. Researcher Brooke Crowley mentions that it was a pretty nice place to live, relatively speaking in a report with (e) Science News. Anthropologists in the area have studied the remains and traces left by the massive creatures. Currently they believe that the climate and other conditions encouraged these animals to herd together and prosper.
Findings such as this contradict previous assertions that North American mammoths moved to Siberia. Migration can differ from herd to herd though and it is possible that one stayed while the other left. We see this with Caribou.
Herding behavior is something that we have real evidence for in these extinct creatures. Other than that there is a great deal of discussion in the scientific community as to their group structure, migration and in a few cases dietary patterns.
Archaeologists and even city workers are finding new evidence that questions our beliefs on where these beasts lived and moved to. Of course that is something most scientists agree on about archaeology and science in general, it is always changing.
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