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article image1947 Air Force UFO study released to the public

By Alex Allen     Jan 27, 2015 in Science
After almost seventy years, the Air Force's classified UFO files known as 'Project Blue Book' have finally been released to the general public
There's no doubt we're living in very exciting times for anyone interested in the paranormal. With constant advancements in technology it seems as though we're always getting one step closer to finding out the answers to some of life's most daunting and longstanding questions, one of which pertains to whether or not we earthlings are alone in the universe. Just this week it was reported that last year in May, Australian atronomers picked up a mysterious radio signal from space.
According to Oxford Journals' Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, on May 14, 2014, a Fast Radio Burst (FBR) was discovered at the Parkes radio telescope. These FBRs are apparently bursts of radio waves from unknown sources and, according to a report on FOX News, they emit as much energy in just a few milliseconds as our sun does in 24 seconds!
But this isn't the only interesting news for paranormal junkies this week. The Air Force has now apparently released its once-classified collection of documents on UFOs known as 'Project Blue Book.' These files, containing approximately 130,000 pages of information, have their origin in 1947, the year of the mysterious crash in Roswell, New Mexico that, to this day, has various conspiracy theories surrounding it.
The project documents over 12,000 UFO sightings over the last two decades and provides insight and analysis on them. Some of the reports in the project are self-explanatory and have obvious conclusions. Some of the UFOs were later determined to be jets or other standard aircraft. But other cases aren't as easily explained, which means lovers of the paranormal shouldn't be disappointed by the findings.
Regardless of the information in 'Project Blue Book' or the odd radio signals from space, it's likely that the debate over whether or not life exists outside of planet earth will continue to rage on for years to come.
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