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article imageOp-Ed: NASA Mars landing in 2030s? Forget it, U.S. has lost its balls

By Paul Wallis     Jul 5, 2014 in Science
Sydney - When you remember the sheer enthusiasm of the Moon landings, the vague babblings about Martian landings are to put it mildly, unimpressive. The march of progress in space has become a limp-wristed square dance.
This situation isn’t really NASA’s fault. Nor is it the fault of the sciences, the public, or the human race as a whole. It’s a result of the un-human race, the endless sociopathic sphincter of peasant politicians, pedants, and loveless, lifeless lobbyists.
These un-people can turn simply going to the doctor to treat a cold into an epic of accountancy, ideology, and mindless epics of bureaucracy. They’re un-human, not just inhuman. There is no point of contact between humanity’s best interests and this herd of rectum-less riff-raff.
The lack of progress in space is a good example of what happens when you put the most talentless, unimaginative, reactionary, idiots ever to buy their degrees in charge of anything. Mars, the next planet over the road, is a full description of the sheer lack of understanding of the issues of space exploration.
Space Daily cites NASA:
NASA may not be planning to put a human on Mars until the 2030s, but the agency's top scientist said colonizing the planet is a key part of its agenda…
In order to most effectively survey Mars for signs of life, though, Stofan (NASA's chief scientist Dr. Ellen Stofan) said putting humans on the ground, and establishing a presence there, is a big priority.
In response to a question about whether or not NASA plans to bring back astronauts that reach the Red Planet, Stofan said, "We would definitely plan on bringing them back. We like to talk about pioneering Mars rather than just exploring Mars, because once we get to Mars we will set up some sort of permanent presence."
Just when you think Sesame Street had run out of ideas… In times past, people sailed the oceans on bits of wood, with no more support than the ability to swim. The result of exploring the world, for those wondering, was to create a totally new society, a global economy, and involved massive breakthroughs in science, despite the societies of the times.
Space exploration is about a lot more than some sort of vague desire to explore. It’s a survival issue. Not only does humanity need the resources of the solar system, it needs the spacegoing technology. Space, as a matter of plain fact, happens to have been the incubator for most current technology, from frypans to email. The original space program totally redefined every aspect of human life, in one way or several.
With that in mind, consider this foray into the abysmally mediocre:
…a new study by the US National Research Council found that under NASA's current budget trajectory, reaching the Red Planet would be unlikely.
"Absent a very fundamental change in the nation's way of doing business, it is not realistic to believe that we can achieve the consensus goal of reaching Mars," said Mitch Daniels, the former Indiana governor and co-chair of the National Research Council (NRC) Committee.
So some damn non-scientist can safely say that in the next 20 years he and the presumably equally evolved vegetables which will follow him in holding office will be unable to agree on even a Mars landing?
A sense of priorities? Not noticeably
It’s OK to crash the US economy, fight endless wars which achieve nothing, and impoverish 99 percent of the society, enrich organised crime and turn the oceans into a toxic waste dump, but not to carry out obvious requirements for scientific progress?
Consider that the world currently boasts the following “social assets”:
A political system dedicated to creating as much human hardship as possible
A totally corrupt financial system
A totally fragmented social order
A vacuous, irrelevant media sector
A delusive, spiritually and conceptually constipated range of “thought leaders” who have been majestically helping with the above
Now consider this:
The above menageries have yet to solve one single global issue arising since World War One.
The Depression actually managed an encore in 2008.
19th century problems like slavery are re-emerging.
Pandemics are raging around the world.
The most useless, incompetent, venal and retrogressive people in human history have been in positions of power for the last century.
The mere fact that a government or private sector entity is looking at an issue means that issue will never be resolved.
So, since the 1960s, the net move, ideologically and in fact, has been backwards in the upper echelons of ultra-moronic management. We now have a medieval work force with iPhones. We have a supply of unknown, unelected, and unaccountable “people” managing everything, extremely badly and for no apparent reason. Land on Mars? These idiots?
…And NASA is “talking about” a Mars Landing?
It’ll never happen, at this rate. The Chinese are now talking about Mars. The difference is that they’ll get there. For God's sake, the US is even being beaten by a Dutch reality show, Mars One.
In the past, the US had the balls to do what other countries wouldn’t do. The country was built on innovation. It took the risk to reach the Moon and develop the genealogy of most modern technologies. It’s been taking risks since 1776 to achieve its goals.
Now, it lacks the genitalia to even pretend to try?
Pretty damn sick.
Slightly belated Happy 4th of July to those Americans who aren’t responsible for this shameless decline.
The rest of you, go to hell.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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