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article imageNew 'perfect' holes appear in Siberia and prompt more research

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 29, 2014 in Science
Antipayuta - Russian researchers are once again rushing to explore a giant hole. Only now there are two holes, leading researchers to question whether their first conclusion was correct.
According to reports on sites such as Gizmodo two new holes have appeared. One showed up in the village of Antipayuta and the other was found in Nosok.
Antipayuta's hole has smooth walls in certain sections that almost look like they were artificial. Nosok's has a "perfect" cone shape that stands out as well. Even if each one is completely natural it will be a case of the earth suddenly creating surfaces with distinct shapes and textures which do not commonly occur in these areas. While this happens naturally in some cases it usually takes many years as with the Grand Canyon. Due to this their sudden appearance left some scientists surprised.
Reports of the first massive hole were huge news in scientific communities. According to a report in the Siberian Times the hole exploded due to an underground buildup of pressure from a changing climate. Pressure drilled or perhaps blasted a path from an underground pocket to the surface.
Scientists now must decide whether this new case has anything to do with that one. Pressure buildups and explosions from underground are normal. Indeed that is mostly what volcanic eruptions are although they bring molten material with them. Siberian crater incidents seem to stand out since they do not have the massive venting of gases or molten material we normally associate with these events.
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