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article imageNASA offering money for ideas on how to get to and colonize Mars

By Marcus Hondro     May 9, 2015 in Science
You may think the folks at the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Admin. are a little spaced out after a recent press release. In it NASA asks the public for ideas on how to get humans to Mars so they can establish a colony there. Shouldn't they know?
NASA issues colony challenge
Now before you send in 'build a rocket that can carry humans there and make sure they have the necessary equipment and training' you might want to read a little further. After all, there is prize money involved:
"NASA is embarking on an ambitious journey to Mars and (announces) a challenge inviting the public to write down their ideas...for developing the elements of space pioneering necessary to establish a continuous human presence on the Red Planet," the Tuesday press release reads.
"This could include shelter, water, breathable air, communication, exercise, social interactions and medicine, but participants are encouraged to consider innovative and creative elements beyond these examples.
"Describe Mars surface systems or capabilities and operations needed to achieve this goal," NASA writes. "NASA expects to make up to three awards at a minimum of $5,000 each from a total award pool of $15,000."
Journey to Mars
With that the 'Journey to Mars Challenge' has been issued, the gauntlet thrown and the rocket has been fired. It sounds like a lot of work, work you likely thought NASA would have a rocket scientist or two, or a few hundred, hanging around to do, but there you have it.
The press release goes on to say "submissions should include a process to develop, test, implement, and operate the system or capability" and NASA also notes that with "an ever decreasing need to be reliant on Earth, approaching 'earth independence' is of import and you, the participant in the challenge, can help "humans to go further and stay longer in space."
Most of us are too busy with work and the kids for all of that but if you've time the deadline for submissions is July 6, 2015.
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