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article imageLargest ever dinosaur fossil discovered in Argentinean Patagonia

By Igor I. Solar     May 17, 2014 in Science
Trelew - A team of Argentine paleontologists announced the discovery of a huge herbivorous dinosaur, the largest known so far, weighing about 80 tonnes, equivalent to 14 elephants.
The fossil is about 90 million years old, said Ruben Cuneo, director of the Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio the Patagonian city of Trelew, as he announced the discovery.
The ancient bones, the largest dinosaur specimen known so far, were discovered in 2013 in Argentina's Chubut province by a worker in a field located 260 kilometers from Trelew, in the Atlantic coast of the Chubut province, 1.300 kilometers south of Buenos Aires.
It is an herbivorous dinosaur belonging to the family of Sauropoda. It has a long neck and tail and a small skull in relation to its body. Scientists of the Trelew museum estimate that these dinosaurs inhabited the region of the Argentina Patagonia about 90 to 100 million years ago, in the Cretaceous period. Their average length was 40 meters from head to tail. The femur measures almost 2.40 meters.
Scientists point out that this fossil is among the most complete dinosaur ever found and one of the best preserved in the world. They had to make a very large excavation to rescue the remains. In fact, the size of the bones found exceed those of the Argentinosaurus, the largest dinosaur known to date which was found in 1987 in Argentina's Neuquén province.
"Given its size, we do not believe that there can be a land animal that surpasses this one in size," said museum director Ruben Cuneo.
The dinosaur has not yet received a scientific name. Research work at the site was suspended until September because of the low winter temperatures of the southern Hemisphere. At the site were also found about 200 fossils and teeth from seven different other species of possibly scavenger carnivorous dinosaurs that occupied this area and feed on the herbivorous dinosaurs.
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