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Extraterrestrial enthusiasts claim ISS cameras show several UFOs

By Greta McClain     Aug 16, 2014 in Science
NASA may not have realized that streaming video from the International Space Station (ISS) would lead to UFO enthusiasts claiming the videos have captured numerous UFOs, but that is exactly what is happening.
In March of this year, NASA deployed four high definition webcams on the Columbus External Facility portion of the International Space Station. The purpose of the cameras are to capture real time video of space. The announcement of the cameras excited many UFO enthusiasts, leading several to scour the live feeds for evidence of unidentified flying objects. According to some, evidence has been found.
Once such claim comes from UFO enthusiast, Scott Waring. Waring, an Astrobilogist who lives in Taiwan, has a blog site called UFO Sightings Daily. On the site, Waring posts videos he and a man using the pseudonym Streetcap1 have captured.
In an August 4th posting, Waring posted a portion of the live feed he recorded. The video shows a "glowing disk" that "has a long line down its middle and a dome on its top".
According to Waring, the NASA feed went dark immediately after the UFO was seen. The Daily Mail quotes Waring as saying:
"NASA did go to blue screen as soon as they noticed the UFO. When they brought the cam back online again, the UFO was gone."
According to a Catholic Online report, NASA has refused to comment on why the live feed went dark.
Three days later, Streetcap1 posts a video entitled "The Visitor". He describes the object in the video as a star-like UFO. When describing the video of the image, he says:
"It shows incredible detail of what this UFO looks like. Mostly its a glowing five pointed UFO. Note that most UFOs seen around the world are glowing shapes...that includes my own UFO sighting."
In an August 12th post, Streetcap1 posted another video in which four lights can be seen floating near the space station, lights which he claims to be evidence of a UFO.
The Houston Chronicle is even getting in on the UFO action, posting a story earlier this week about the sightings. Not wanting to be left out, The Washington Times reported on the sightings as well, saying:
"Mysterious objects noticed not once, not twice, but three times in the last week near the International Space Station have sent Unidentified Flying Object watchers and extraterrestrial enthusiasts on high alert."
According to the Herald Tribune, requests for comment sent to the ISS ground support team at Johnson Space Center have gone unanswered.
You can view the High Definition Earth Viewing on the NASA website.
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