Mexican Man who tried to commit Suicide beaten to Death by Police

Posted Jan 22, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham

Mexican Prosecutors say a Mexican man who tried to commit suicide failed in his attempt but was beaten to death by the arresting cops.
A man who tried to commit suicide by throwing himself onto the tracks of the Mexico City subway was later beaten to death by police, prosecutors said Saturday.
Mexico City attorney general's office announced in a press statement that two city policemen who took custody of the man after he was removed from the tracks have been charged with homicide for allegedly beating him to death later in a patrol car.
Albano Ramirez Santos, a truck driver was dejected when his truck was stolen, wanted to commit suicide in the railway track of the subway station. The trains had to be stopped because of this and when they tried to remove him from the tracks, he refused to move. So, they called the cops, who took him to the Prison, but on its way, they had to call the Ambulance because he was unconscious. Later they found that the he had wounds in his chest and head consistent with the beating and which didn't appear to have occurred when he fell into the tracks. The Mexican Prosecutors told the press, they have arrested the two cops, and don't know why they punched him to death, no motives were given.
An ending Santos wanted, only he didn't inflict on himself. If only the cops had helped him find the truck this whole ordeal could have been stopped.