Overweight? Buy property

Posted Jan 16, 2007 by Hildegard
Homeowner advantages
We have new neighbors. They moved in three months ago. I have been watching the whole family on a regular basis (from my office window) on the weekends, working in their yard, tending to the vegetable garden, bushes, trees, and flowers. They are all losing weight!
At first they worked together to put in a pond, then they cut the hedges, every weekend they work together to mow the "huge" lawn and to weed the vegetable garden, one weekend they planted flowers, one weekend they pruned the trees, one weekend they built a shed, one weekend they spent cleaning all of the windows and shutters and preparing the house to be painted, one weekend they painted the fence ... the list goes on.
It is my observation that all of them are losing weight. My speculation is that the gardening activities are the cause of their weight loss.
I recently went to the garden center and paid special attention to the "physical size" of the customers. It´s true, there were very few overweight people at the self-service portion of the garden center.
If you are overweight, invest in a house with a large yard and garden.