UPDATE: Abducted boy had chance to escape for four years

Posted Jan 14, 2007 by BlogMania

Now they are saying he had more then enough chances to escape...So why didnt he?
This is the latest just posted about 1 hour ago.
"For more than four years, teenager Shawn Hornbeck seemed to have had every chance to escape. He was left alone for hours to ride his bike, play video games and walk past missing-child posters showing his own age-progressed image."
Ive been waiting to find out more about how someone could of held him captive for four years. There are some very interesting points made in the article. One being...
"An expert on post traumatic stress disorder, Weaver said children in such situations kick into survival mode, "doing what needs to be done to keep yourself going day-to-day."
Even with that said, why didn't he tell someone during his many hours of being alone while the psycho, Devlin, was working one of his many jobs. There is a comment made that the child could have felt "helpless to reach out to other people". I just don't understand why. I am thinking that after a while once the boy got used to the kidnapper he just gave up and figured that there really was not a reason to fight, maybe thinking to himself Im a child and he is an adult, why fight. There are so many things running through my mind about this case.
There is the fact that the kidnapper seemed to be an "average joe" and the kids did not seem to LOOK harmed. The article said...
"Neighbors describe Devlin as a loner with a quick temper. He obsessed over a reserved parking space at his apartment complex." To me that’s average, I mean I used to yell all the time about my parking space. I don’t think I would go far enough as to call the police (especially with the boy I just kidnapped in the front seat) but I would yell.
Of course there is talk about "emotional abuse"... We are not really hearing too much from the kidnapper and what he had to say about the whole thing...The article talks about his family saying "we hope that Michael will be safe as the facts of his case are revealed."
Well I don’t...but then again I want the facts to reveal pretty quick so I guess I need him to be safe too...its like someone tearing out the last chapter of a book, I cant wait to find out what happens.