Thief Returns Child's Cremated Remains

Posted Jan 11, 2007 by Carolyn E. Price

Just goes to prove that sometimes burglars have a conscience too.
In an astonishingly thougtful move for a burglar, Eve and Steven Greene got the ashes of their 4-year-old son back.
The Greene's had made a plea for the return of the ashes after their house was burglarized on Monday of this week. "Just drop it off somewhere with a note," Steven Greene said. "And that'll be it."
Well, it worked. Someone left the urn containing Zachary's ashes at the end of the Green's driveway yesterday morning.
Police report that the burglar broke into the Greene's house, ate some Cheerios's, tracked mud all over the place and stole around $10,000 worth of valuables, and the most valuable of all to the Green's, the urn that contained little Zachary's ashes that sat on their fireplace.
Zachary died of cancer in 2005. His parents kept the urn above their fireplace next to a Play Doh fire truck Zachary made before he died.
Well, this is a truly a wonderful ending to such a sad story for this couple.