Disgraced British Pedophile May Get Early Prison Release

Posted Jan 9, 2007 by Tar De Moutonnoir

Former British glam-rock star Gary Glitter may be released early from his three year sentence for child molestation under an amnesty proposal for Vietnam's upcoming Tet lunar new year.
The disgraced 62 year old, who's real name is Paul Francis Gadd wouldn't be released right away if the proposed list is approved. Convicted last March of "lewd acts with minors" on the testimony of two girls, ages 12 and 13, he had been living in the Vietnamese resort town of Vung Tau for about a year.
The fall from grace began in 1999 when Great Britain convicted him of possessing child pornography after he's taken his personal computer in for repair. He served a few months then abruptly left under a cloud of suspicion traveling to Cuba then Cambodia where he was made to leave.
Popular for many years, particularly during the seventies, the British born singer is best know for his hit "Rock and Roll", a perennially popular stadium anthem at sports events, especially in the United States.
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