World's Largest Gas Pipeline Proposed to Run Through Amazon

Posted Jan 4, 2007 by Tar De Moutonnoir

There are plans to build an enormous natural gas pipeline through 5,000 miles of South American wilderness. The proposal is causing widespread concern amongst activists due to perceived environmental, and cultural risks.
The 21-billion-dollar (U.S.) Gasoducto del Sur, or Southern Gas Pipeline is meant to connect Venezuela's rich natural gas fields to Argentine markets. The problem is that it would have to pass through the Brazilian amazon, putting its farming and fishing communities in danger.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has insisted the project is a necessity and must go ahead despite environmental concerns citing natural gas shortages and warning of a pending energy crises.
The amazon has seen catastrophic decline in recent decades as man encroaches deeper into
its pristine rainforests. Increased access to the amazon has put its indigenous inhabitants at risk
as the rainforests are further receded and wildlife disappears.
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