The year of living frugally: how 10 friends survived without shopping

Posted Jan 4, 2007 by bullseye

After completing one year of frugal living some of the 10 member group vow to continue the thrifty lifestyle.
In a response to the modern mass consumerism and the disposable society 10 friends set out to go without shopping for a year and in the process create a world-wide movement.
“There would be no new clothes, gadgets, computers, car parts, mobile phones, books or music for them for a whole 12 months, they pledged. Only food and essentials such as toothpaste, soap, basic ("not sexy") underwear and medicine would be allowed. Everything else would be borrowed, traded, home made or bought second hand.”.
"We set out to do this as a challenge amongst ourselves. We never intended to start a movement or dictate what people should or shouldn't do, so we're pleased to have so many others talking about our consumerist culture."