CSIS aims to boost ranks by recruiting at Canadian universities

Posted Jan 4, 2007 by soome2000

Now Hiring: Canada's spy agency is looking for about seventy percent more intelligence officers to fill positions of retiring officers.
Need a job? Going to university? CSIS may be looking for you.
"While the agency often looks to fill positions from within, it's "trying to increase personnel, not just move them around," Campion said.
According to the CSIS website, there are currently more than 20 positions up for grabs.
"We do get thousands of applications every year, but we really needed to increase the interest because that increases our potential pool of hires," she said. "
So there you go, if you ever wanted to be involved in intelligence here is your chance.
Any Canadian citizen who has lived in the country for at least 10 years, has a university degree, has the potential to become bilingual (if not already), and can pass the background check required for "top secret" security clearance is eligible to become a CSIS intelligence officer.
If enrolment in security and intelligence university courses is any indication, CSIS should have no trouble finding qualified candidates.
Wonder what the budget is for is most likely a secret.