'Biggest wolf ever' shot dead

Posted Jan 3, 2007 by Carolyn E. Price,20867,21009427-1702,00.html

Bulgarian shots 80 kg wolf
Near the village of Brusartzi, Bulgaria, Slavcho Slavchev shot and killed an 80 kg grey wolf. If the size of the wolf is confirmed, it would be the biggest wolf ever recorded. Mr. Slavchev told the BTA news agency that he shot the six-year-old dog with a single bullet to the head while lying in ambush for other game.
Mr. Slavchev said that 50 kg wolf is considered an "exceptionally weighty trophy" and none of the hunters in his party had ever seen such a big animal.
The heaviest wolf on record was 79.4kg, according to The International Wolf Centre in Ely in the US state of Minnesota.
Bulgaria has one of the largest game populations in Europe, including more than 2500 grey wolves.
This is such a disturbing story on so many levels for me. I absolutely abhor the hunting of wild animals like this and to kill such a magnificant animal of this stature seems kind of stupid. I will never understand the mindset.