Beauty Pageant for Disabled Hot New Reality TV Show

Posted Dec 27, 2006 by geozone,,13509-2519751,00.html

“Ever whistled at a woman in a wheelchair? Checked out the boobs of a blind babe? If the answer’s 'no’, this barrier-breaking show will put an end to that.”
The brain child of a Dutch production company, Miss Ability became an unexpected ratings hit this year in the Netherlands. Contestants of this beauty pageant had to possess a “handicap visible to the eye.” But just like any other "normal" pageant, they paraded in swimsuits and evening wear. Each participant also was featured in a short film where they talked about how they overcame their disabilities.
The US, Britain, Germany and France have purchased remake rights to the pageant so expect it to come to your small screen very soon.
Is it just me or do others find this latest entry into the reality tv scene more than a tad tasteless?
And if I find this tasteless, consider a proposed reality show from Disney mentioned at the end of this article. Apparently, the entertainment giant Uncle Walt founded wants to recruit people having life-threatening diseases to serve as guinea pigs for pioneering surgery. It has come a long way down from the Wonderful World of Disney.