Dr. Charles Smith won Saskatoon tribunal appeal December 2

Posted Dec 16, 2006 by soome2000

Dr. Charles Smith, a controversial pathologist, has been involve in a number of children's autopsies in Ontario. He voluntarily resigned from the Hospital for Sick Children and moved to Saskatoon, but was denied priviledges to practice in Saskatoon.
"An appeal tribunal has quashed a decision by Saskatoon Health Region to deny controversial Dr. Charles Smith a staff appointment. The Practitioner Staff Appeals Tribunal stopped short of requiring the health region to appoint Dr. Smith because he lacks a licence with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. Ontario's chief coroner is reviewing 44 criminally suspicious child autopsies Dr. Smith conducted after an audit showed some of his samples went missing or were misplaced."
As I see it, the doctor testified in a number of cases throughout the province and literally accused parents, and in some cases family members, of murdering children. Some of his testimonies tore families apart.
"Ontario's chief coroner is reviewing 44 criminally suspicious child autopsies Smith conducted after an audit showed some of his samples went missing or were misplaced. In some of those cases, people are serving jail time, including some life sentences.
The tribunal determined that by rejecting Smith's application for appointment after Saskatoon news outlets reported on the Ontario investigation, the health authority "violated the presumption of innocence which should have been afforded Dr. Smith." Smith originally appealed the health authority's decision to the authority itself before applying to the rarely used practitioner staff appeals tribunal."
In another article it is noted that:
"In 2001, Smith was removed from the roster of forensic pathologists permitted to conduct autopsies in suspicious deaths. A year later, three complaints to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons relating to his work in suspicious death cases were upheld.
One complaint had been made by Brenda Waudby of Peterborough, once charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter. She said Smith had kept in his office for five years a pubic-like hair found during baby Jenna's autopsy, which she said may have saved her from being charged and might have identified Jenna's killer.
Waudby said yesterday the hospital should have terminated Smith "years ago" after the first indication of any problems.
"He has caused so much harm to so many people," she added.
Finance ministry documents reveal Smith's hospital salary was just over $290,000 in 2004.
Smith is also identified with the case of Louise Reynolds of Kingston, who was accused in 1997 of killing her 7-year-old daughter. The charge was dropped after experts found she had been mauled by a pit bull."
And now he is named in the case of the toddler beaten to death by a babysitter nine years ago.