Fired Cop Sues N.J. Troopers Over Arrest

Posted Dec 13, 2006 by bobSP

A police officer who was fired after being convicted of careless driving claims he was caught between two unwritten rules of the road: Police don't hassle fellow officers, and nobody passes a state trooper - especially on the right.
Former detective Gary Wade, of Tinton Falls, is suing over an incident in which he was pepper-sprayed and handcuffed on the side of the road. He is seeking $1,000,000 from two state troopers and his former department.
Wade, 31, maintains that he was pulled over for no reason while driving to work in an unmarked police car.
The arresting state officer says he was provoked.
The August 2004 encounter was recorded by the trooper's dashboard-mounted video camera and a microphone attached to the trooper's lapel.
Wade continually said to wait for the police supervisor to show up and seemed to be cooperative..the two arresting officers tell a different story (not corroborated by the film/audio)
"The actual reason he was stopped is because he passed the state trooper vehicle on the right," Lask said. "Officer Wade informed me it's a known fact among officers that you never pass a state trooper vehicle; you let them pass you. They don't like that."
If this is true, the two men deserve to be fired and that entire department needs to be seems that this is another one of those 'brotherly' deals that went wrong when they couldn't identify one of their own.