Baby Formula Theft Suspect Leads Officers On Chase

Posted Dec 13, 2006 by Iamseven;bp=t

Police said a driver led them on a wild chase along Interstate 93 and other busy highways on Tuesday after the man was caught stealing baby formula.
Police began following a truck after getting a call from the Hannaford supermarket in Londonderry. They identified the man behind the wheel as James Lavoie of Manchester.
Moments later, the chase began.
Police said Lavoie eventually pulled into his own driveway on Elwood Avenue in Manchester. Lavoie ran into his home and locked the door behind him, but police broke through the glass. Lavoie was eventually arrested on the front lawn outside.
All over some baby formula? Does anyone know a lot about theft? I would imagine stealing a couple of cans of baby formula wouldn't exactly lead to hard time, but maybe someone out here on DJ knows something I don't?
Either way.. he'll now be facing charges of evading police, speeding, reckless driving, etc.