It’s Official: MySpace Is Biggest Site on Internet

Posted Dec 12, 2006 by Chris V. Thangham

Myspace is the biggest site on internet in terms of total number of page views.
The November Comscore numbers show the inevitable: Fox Interactive (mostly MySpace) now has more page views than the combined Yahoo sites, taking the no. 1 spot for the first time. This was less to do with MySpace growth than with a 9% dip in overall Yahoo traffic (total Internet traffic for all sites in November dipped just 3%; Google was up 5%).
Yahoo still dominates in total unique vistors, though, with over twice as many people visiting Yahoo sites as MySpace.
MySpace has become number 1 in the web according to Comscore statistics, but Yahoo has twice the number of visitors compared to Myspace. I visited a few times, but I didn't find Myspace captivating to stay for a long time. What is your view on this, do you expect them to sustain this domination and be no. 1?