'70s multi-child Murder suspect found and arrested

Posted Dec 11, 2006 by bobSP

Authorities named a suspect Monday in the brutal killings of four children in the 1970s, raising hopes of solving a case that terrorized the region.
Theodore Lamborgine, 65, is "our most promising suspect at this particular time," Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said at a news conference in Detroit.
The admission that Lamborgine is a suspect in the recently re-examined "Oakland County Child Killer" case came as Worthy announced charges against Lamborgine in an unrelated set of sexual assaults against six children in the 70s and 80s.
Police are also is bringing charges against Richard Lawson, a convicted murderer, in the sexual assaults of eight juveniles from several Detroit-area communities during the same time period.
Lawson and Lamborgine are known to have been friends and are thought to have worked together in their sexual predatory behavior...Lawson is not a suspect in the child murders..they are also thought to be a part of a great 'sex ring' of sorts..
I hope if this is the guy who killed those 4 innocent children they give him the harshest punishment they have on the books..the man is a sexual predator and a child killer.