The need for digital transformation in customer engagement

Posted Apr 7, 2021 by Tim Sandle
The company Supplyframe has released new survey data that reveals the global electronics’ need for growth and maturity within the global electronics industry. This is based on digital transformation initiatives.
A man uses a laptop at a coffee shop in downtown Hanoi.
A man uses a laptop at a coffee shop in downtown Hanoi.
Hoang Dinh Nam, AFP/File
The survey finds that component suppliers and distributors are discovering different ways to interact with customers through digital channels have a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace. At the same time, despite the gains to be made, the survey research shows that some companies are slow to adapt.
The data is based on a survey conducted during March 2021, polling various marketing and sales leaders from 180 global electronics suppliers and distributors.
According to the findings, more than 40 percent of organizations in the electronics sector launched a customer experience or ecommerce digital transformation initiative within the last year. However, more than a third of companies (36 percent) did not launch any major digital customer engagement initiatives in the same timeframe. The main digital efforts have been with digital marketing, primarily advertising.
The second area of rapid growth has been with companies leveraging multiple digital channels to engage with their target markets. Offering more than one means to view or puchae products is seen as a key means for business expansion. A third area of digital growth has been with the design process. This includes using programs to generate 2D and 3D models or reference designs, and using this technopogy to showcase to customers and potential clients.
One of the main reasons to be factored in to an organization’s lack of ecommerce digital transformation is the the pandemic. In relation to the coronavirus situation, 39 percent of survey respondents said that it delayed their customer experience and ecommerce digital transformations.
Looking at these trends, Steve Flagg, founder and CEO of Supplyframe tells Digital Journal: "This research illustrates that the global electronics industry is still in an early stage of digital customer engagement maturity."
Flagg adds: "The good news is that there is plenty of room for growth. Semiconductor and electronics components companies that optimize digital channels and move at the customer’s pace have much to gain.”