Review: Enzo Zelocchi melts hearts with 'My Little Princess' film Special

Posted Jan 18, 2021 by Markos Papadatos
Enzo Zelocchi melts hearts with "My Little Princess," which he wrote, directed and executive produced. He also stars as Aaron in it, and this movie is bound to become a classic someday. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Enzo Zelocchi and Charlotte Labadie in  My Little Princess  film
Enzo Zelocchi and Charlotte Labadie in 'My Little Princess' film
Enzo Zelocchi
Zelocchi plays Aaron, a young Jewish man, who returned home from the war in Iraq to find his wife, Sarah, on her deathbed. If that weren't heartbreaking enough, his beautiful little girl, Irene (played by Charlotte Labadie), is terminally ill with cancer.
In an effort to provide an escape for Irene during these challenging times, he dresses her like a princess, and his friends and family members are a strong support system for him, where they also join in as knights to help make this fairytale into a reality for Aaron and Irene. One can feel his grief and heartache.
This short film is rich in symbolism, and both Zelocchi and Labadie will break the audience's hearts in a million pieces. While it is melancholic, it is beautifully done. It ought to be enjoyed for its honesty, pathos, and simplicity.
The Verdict
My Little Princess is a film with a lot of heart, and it is warm and relatable. Showrunner Enzo Zelocchi deserves a standing ovation for a job well done, in writing, producing, directing, and acting in such a poignant movie that is filled with tender emotions. It will resonate well with any friends or families that have ever lost a young child or loved one from pediatric cancer. Viewers should have the Kleenex ready.
With My Little Princess, Zelocchi reassures them that they are not alone. He is not afraid to be raw and vulnerable, and in the end, his vulnerability is the viewer's reward. This short film garners an A rating. Well done.
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