Review: Cheat Codes releases enthralling 'Do It All Over' single Special

Posted Dec 2, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
Electronic group Cheat Codes released their upbeat new single "Do It All Over," which features Marc E. Bassy on vocals. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Electronic group Cheat Codes
Electronic group Cheat Codes
Photo courtesy of Cheat Codes
The song is mid-tempo, catchy, and a great deal of fun. It has a carefree melody and beat to it, which makes it utterly infectious. It is the fourth single from their forthcoming breakthrough multi-part album, Hellraisers.
The group noted that prior to quarantine, they played a concert with Marc E. Bassy in California and they totally hit it off. "We've been a fan of his since back in the 2AM Club days," they said.
"We really wanted to record together. We caught some vibes in the studio for his record. Originally it was just a vocal and guitar, but we played around until it was a good blend of that Cheat Codes sound and the soul that Marc is known for," Cheat Codes remarked.
"Do It All Over" is stunning and it is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. This track garners 4.5 out of 5 stars. Well done.
To learn more about Cheat Codes and their music, check out their official website and their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram.