Review: Eve Donovan becomes Ben's worst nightmare in 'Days of Our Lives' Special

Posted Aug 4, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
In the "Days of Our Lives" episode that aired on Monday, August 3, Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) became Ben Weston's (Robert Scott Wilson) worst nightmare.
Screenshot of Kassie DePaiva as Eve Donovan in  Days of Our Lives
Screenshot of Kassie DePaiva as Eve Donovan in 'Days of Our Lives'
Photo Courtesy of NBC, 'Days of Our Lives'
Kassie DePaiva commanded the screen as vixen Eve Donovan from the moment she woke Ben up for his torture session. "Wakey, wakey, hi Ben," she told him in a whispery yet evil manner. "Remember me?" she asked.
She puts her diabolical plan in motion, where she intends to brainwash Ben to become the "Necktie Killer" once again. "Did you have sweet dreams, Ben?" she asked him. "Because your nightmare is just beginning."
Eve reveals to him that Vincent (Michael Teh) is indeed a prodigy of Dr. Rolf, and they both torture Ben mercilessly with electric shocks and they play a slideshow of images from the wedding to help turn Ben against his bride, Ciara (Victoria Konefal), in an effort to kill her with his "own bare hands." Eve is seeking justice for what Ben did to her daughter, Paige.
Unbeknownst to Eve, Ciara, Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Clare (Olivia Rose Keegan) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) are all in New York trying to find out what happened to Ben. Eve is their prime suspect in this case, and Kassie DePaiva continues to be impressive in this villainous role that fans and critics alike simply cannot get enough of.
Will Ben end up being brainwashed by Eve and Vincent? Tune in on Days of Our Lives to see how this intense storyline unfolds.