Andrew McIlwean talks about 'Barbells, Books and Nerdom' podcast Special

Posted Jun 23, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
Fitness coach Andrew McIlwean, who is also the CEO of the Perseverance Coaching Academy, chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his new podcast "Barbells, Books and Nerdom."
Andrew Mcllwean  CEO of Perseverance Coaching
Andrew Mcllwean, CEO of Perseverance Coaching
Andrew Mcllwean
On his new podcast, "Barbells, Books and Nerdom," he said, "The podcast is a way to provide more entertaining content for my audience."
To learn more about his podcast "Barbells, Books and Nerdom," click here.
Each day, he is motivated by the desire to help people improve themselves. "My mission to help others transform their bodies, health, and lives, as well as pursuing my goals, professional and personally," he said.
Regarding his inspiration to start the Perseverance Coaching Academy, he said, "My goal and desire to make an impact in other peoples' lives at a greater impact via online coaching as well as more control and freedom over my own life."
On being a fitness and life coach in the digital age, McIlwean said, "The digital age provides a greater outlet for impact and outreach as it comes to coaching. We are not limited to schedules and locations and capacity because of what the digital age allows."
For young and aspiring fitness and life coaches, he encouraged them to love what they do. "Love what you do, know your ideal client, and specifically master your craft at coaching them and providing them with results. Online and virtual coaching is the way to go," he explained.
He also opened up about his life during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Due to my business being completely virtual, my life has not been affected much at all during the quarantine. Thankfully," he said.
"All storms pass, the pandemic will pass too," he added.
On his definition of the word success, McIlwean remarked, "Success is relative to the individual but I believe success is the relentless pursuit and achievement that comes with following your goals and dreams for your life, no matter the outcome. When we pursue what we want in and for our life, I believe success exists regardless because our lives are meant to be lived how we choose. Live your life on your terms, and that is where success dwells."
"My goal is to provide valuable and fun content for my audience and listeners that hopefully will lead to self-growth and positive transformation in each person's life," he concluded.