Marc Anthony Samuel talks acting career, digital age, and success Special

Posted Jun 6, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
Actor Marc Anthony Samuel ("General Hospital") chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic. He reflected on his acting career and being an actor in the digital age.
Actor Marc Anthony Samuel
Actor Marc Anthony Samuel
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"Quarantine has been interesting," he said. "On one hand, certain things are restricted but now we are able to work on a lot of things that we have been putting off. It has been good."
"We are not alone. We are all in this together. We will get through this. Please stay safe and please stay healthy. I look forward to joining you guys on the other side," he told his dedicated fans.
Samuel is known for his portrayal of Felix DuBois in the hit ABC daytime drama General Hospital. "It has been a blast and a privilege playing Felix. Over the years, I have been able to inject a lot more of myself into the personality of the character. I have more freedom as we go along so it has been really nice. I love it."
Since the show is out of new episodes, they have been airing re-runs of the classic Nurses Ball episodes, which Samuel was a part of. "Another strange advantage of quarantine is that there has been a lot more visibility on TV for Felix during the Nurses Ball episodes," he said. "Some of my friends and family that missed it the first time around are excited to see it these days."
On being an actor in the digital age, Samuel said, "Honestly, when I first started my career we weren't that advanced in the digital age, it wasn't really an option. Now, you can also participate as a writer and a creator in the digital age. We can write and film things and with so many digital platforms, we can share our content with a wider audience of people, and you don't even have to deal with a network."
"In the digital age, you can submit yourself for auditions and you can do voice-over auditions without having to leave your home," he said. "My office is my self-tape room, my voice-over submission room, my TV room, as well as my stretching and meditation room. The digital age has made access greater for creators, and I am very grateful for that."
He opened up about being part of the sci-fi digital series, Orbital Redux. "I love that whole cast and crew. We were all a bunch of people that loved that job. That experience alone was something I will always treasure and I made a lot of great friends," he said.
Speaking of digital series, Samuel was also a part of Ladies of the Lake: Return to Avalon on Amazon Prime, written by Michael Caruso, where he played Teddy DuPree. "That was so fun," he admitted. "I got to play a mean-spirited person, and it was just a pleasure. I was so impressed with how they ran that production. It was great to work with all of these other actors from other soap operas. Michael and Barbara (Barbi) Caruso are so great."
For young and aspiring actors, Samuel said, "Do as much acting, anywhere where it's possible such as community theater or student films, just to make sure if they like it. Take as many classes as you can to learn acting and to see if you enjoy it. Most importantly, if it's in your heart and it brings you joy, do all things to continue always doing it. It's an easy job sometimes. If it's what your heart is telling you to do, focus, and stick with it."
Samuel continued, "Also, have hobbies on the side. Balance is huge, and make sure you surround yourself with like-minded people. Try to find a mentor who can offer advice to you, go after them and follow them. A mentor can come in any form, and in any other art form. Just try to surround yourself with them."
In these trying times, he underscored the importance of actors and entertainers. "Entertainers are doing something that is actually important. Art and entertainment has its place in society, and artists use their voices to comment on society, to help us look at things in different ways. Artists have always been able to be the ones to comment when other people have to remain silent," he said.
He praised friend and actor Gregory Zarian on his 2020 Daytime Emmy nomination ("Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Digital Drama Series") for his acting work in Venice: The Series. "I love Gregory. He's my homeboy and he has been supportive from day one. He has always been a huge supporter of mine. Gregory is very talented and a great human being," he said.
Samuel defined the word success as "pursuing and ultimately living within your joy."
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Actor Marc Anthony Samuel
Actor Marc Anthony Samuel
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