Looking into the iPhone email app flaw Special

Posted Apr 25, 2020 by Tim Sandle
Cybersecurity researchers have identified that all types of Apple iPhones are at risk of being hacked through the email application that comes with the smartphone device. Sam Bakken of OneSpan has been looking at the issue.
Isaac Lawrence, AFP/File
With the Apple vulnerability, cybersecurity experts at ZecOps (a mobile security firm) have noted that a flaw in the Apple Mail app has made iPhones susceptible to sophisticated attacks. The experts have said they have a "high confidence" the bug has been used to exploited at least six high-profile victims.
According to the BBC, Apple have acknowledged the issue have stated that a fix will be included in upcoming software updates.
Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneSpan has been looking to the potential for the email app to be used to gain access to the Apple devices.
Bakken begins by reminding readers that there is nothing special about the iPhone when it comes to cybersecurity: "This is a reminder not to be fooled by the common catchphrase that iOS is more secure than Android. "
He also warns that risks become greater as the number and value of digital currency transactions increases: "As more consumers engage more often with mobile devices and apps to complete high value transactions while we continue to shelter-in-place, attackers are spending time and money looking for weaknesses in the mobile operating systems and mobile apps."
In terms of being ever vigilant Bakken says simply: "This will not stop."
Furthermore: "Developers cannot assume that either operating system is secure enough to keep their app and users safe. Consumers in many cases are defenceless and completely dependent on Apple, Google, or their mobile carrier to keep them safe, developers do have the power to take additional action to secure their apps even in the vulnerable and potentially hostile environments."
There is hope, however. Bakken looks forwards: "Fortunately, advanced technology solutions such as app shielding and runtime protection provide an additional layer of security that can protect an app and its user against certain exploits of vulnerabilities in both Android and iOS. Users must take proper precautions, but a lot of these vulnerabilities are simply out of their control and Apple, Google or their carrier can't always move fast enough to fix these things before the damage is done."