Review: Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go's melts hearts with new memoir Special

Posted Apr 11, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
Kathy Valentine, the bassist of The Go-Go's, released her compelling new memoir "All I Ever Wanted." Digital Journal has the scoop.
Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go s
Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go's
Ruby Matheu
Valentine is an acclaimed musician and songwriter known for being a part of the all-female rock group The Go-Go's. She either wrote or co-wrote many of their most popular hit singles including "Head Over Heels" and "Vacation." Aside from her musical endeavors, she is an actress, motivational speaker, spokesperson, and producer.
All I Ever Wanted is brutally honest, bold and unflinching. With its verisimilitude, it takes readers and fans back to the late '70s and early '80s. The Go-Go's were an iconic rock group since they were the first multi-platinum-selling, all-female group to play their musical instruments themselves, as well as write their own tunes, and have a chart-topping album with their breakthrough studio offering Beauty and the Beat.
In 2017, she was responsible for creating "She Factory," which raises money for women-centered nonprofit organizations. She lives in her hometown of Austin with her daughter.
Without giving too much away, this memoir reads to be experienced firsthand by all. The book is a whirlwind of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Valentine has enough drama in All I Ever Wanted, which can easily be enough material for a daytime drama or two.
All I Ever Wanted: A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir is available on Amazon by clicking here.
The Verdict
Overall, Kathy Valentine takes her fans on a journey in All I Ever Wanted: A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir. She is not afraid to be raw and vulnerable as she opens up about the highest highs and lowest lows in her life in a witty and candid manner.
This memoir could easily be read in two or three sittings, and there is something in it for every music fan, especially Go-Go's fans. Valentine deserves to be commended for her brevity to share all this with the world. Grab a bottle of wine and let Kathy Valentine lure you in. All I Ever Wanted garners an A rating.
To learn more about Kathy Valentine, check out her official website, her Facebook page, and follow her on Instagram.