Jenee Fleenor talks 'Good Ol' Girls,' 2019 CMA win, inspirations Special

Posted Mar 19, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
On March 19, award-winning country musician Jenee Fleenor chatted with Digital Journal about her latest single "Good Ol' Girls" and her historic CMA (Country Music Association) win for "Musician of the Year."
Jenee Fleenor
Jenee Fleenor
Katie Kauss
"For this song, 'Good Ol' Girls,' I got inspired by the time the CMA nominations were announced and I decided to put out some music since the spotlight turned my way," she said. "A lot of people don't know that I write songs and I sing too."
"In these difficult times, I just hope the fans enjoy this uptempo number," she said. "When my mom and my aunt first heard it, they got up and started dancing. I hope that other people the same way, and it makes them get up and dance and it puts a smile on their faces. I hope it inspires young girls that are dreaming of coming to Nashville and pursuing their dreams, and I hope it sparks a fire in them to do just that"
Fleenor continued, "I told Phil O'Donnell, and Buddy Owens, that I had this idea for a song that I wanted to call 'Good Ol' Girls.' I had this fiddle-driven melody already in my head. The song didn't take long to write since I told my story, and they were happy for my success. I want to encourage the young girls out there that are practicing their banjos and fiddles. The song just felt right."
In November of 2019, Fleenor was able to break the glass ceiling and she made country music history becoming the first female artist to win the coveted CMA award for "Musician of the Year." "Oh my gosh. I am still in disbelief. Reba and Carrie Underwood were congratulating me backstage after my win. It was just a really good feeling," she said.
She has been nominated for the 2020 ACM (Academy of Country Music) Award for "Specialty Instrument Player of the Year."
Fleenor described '90s country radio as the soundtrack to her childhood. "'90s country had a lot of fiddle and steel guitar in it," she admitted.
She listed Alison Krauss and Wanda Vick as major musical influences in her life. "What little fiddle player girl wasn't influenced by Alison Krauss. I am so proud to call her my friend. I just love her so much," she said. "Wanda is just amazing and she would just smile in the camera. Watching Wanda made an impact on my stage presence. On my Grand Ole Opry debut, I met Wanda since she was in the band that night, and it was a full-circle moment for me."
A native of Springdale, Arkansas, Fleenor also complimented Jane Jae (Hee Haw), who was dubbed as the "Queen of Country Fiddle." "I actually played with Jana when I was 10 years old. She came to my elementary school just to play for the students and then, of course, my teacher got me up there to play with her," she recalled.
She defined the word success as "going after a goal and achieving that goal." "Success is definitely what I am living," she said.
For young and aspiring fiddle players and musicians, Fleenor said, "The proof is in the picking. I started when I was three years old and I had to practice for one hour a day. That's what I started with. Part of it is a gift from God, but I also did my homework. Fortunately, I had parents that pushed me but sometimes you need to push yourself. Being on time really matters in this business."
To learn more about Jenee Fleenor and her solo music, check out her official website and her Facebook page.
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