Louis Ozawa talks about 'Hunters' on Amazon Prime, and Al Pacino Special

Posted Feb 21, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
Actor Louis Ozawa chatted about being on "Hunters" on Amazon Prime alongside Oscar winner Al Pacino, and being an actor in the digital age.
Actor Louis Ozawa
Actor Louis Ozawa
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Ozawa stars alongside Al Pacino in the new Amazon original digital series Hunters, which drops today on Amazon Prime Video. He plays the role of Joe Mizushima, one of the core Nazi hunters on the show. "Hunters was incredible," he admitted.
"I worked with a bunch of legends and amazing people. We really bonded, which was necessary. It is unlike anything I've seen on TV. It's an allegorical tale and it's very important to our world. Every episode of Hunters has its own feel to it. Hopefully, our fans will have a fun time watching it and also learn something from the movie and think about humanity," Ozawa elaborated.
"Al Pacino is a great leader and he set the tone," he said. "We had a lot of scenes since we were in his band of hunters. Al is still fearless in his acting and his choices, and it set us all at ease."
On being an actor in the digital age, Ozawa said, "It is interesting. I actually had shot some films in film, and a lot of actors cannot say that these days. I've worked pre-social media. That is what has changed, the whole mass marketing, as opposed to the actual acting. Now with the digital world, there is a lot more work out there for sure. Unfortunately, it is hard to make a living doing feature films these days."
Aside from Al Pacino, Ozawa listed Robert DeNiro, Christian Bale, and Daniel Day Lewis (if he were to come out of retirement) as his dream acting partners. "All of these actors are my heroes, and more importantly, I would love to work with some great directors," he said. "I am just happy to work right now."
He has had guest arcs and supporting roles on Jim Carrey's Kidding on Showtime, Supergirl on The CW, Bosch on Amazon Prime, The Man in the High Castle, and Matador, among others.
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