Review: Carrington MacDuffie soars on 'Because I Couldn't Have You' video Special

Posted Feb 18, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
Carrington MacDuffie released her lyric video for her new single "Because I Couldn't Have You" on February 14, which coincided with Valentine's Day.
Carrington MacDuffie
Carrington MacDuffie
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Her song's lyric video may be seen below on her official YouTube channel. Her vocals are sultry and bluesy, while the lyrics are solid and whimsical. "Because I Didn't Have You" is the lead single from Carrington MacDuffie's highly-anticipated upcoming EP I'm The One, which will be released in the spring of 2020.
In this song, MacDuffie noted that the girl is not getting her way, however, she is being resourceful when faced with challenges and adversity. The songstress added that it's a different slant on Valentine's Day, and while she may not have the person she wanted, she will certainly go on a date that night.
"Because I Couldn't Have You" is a song that many fans and listeners can relate to, especially women. It is worth checking out and it is available on such digital service providers as Spotify and Apple Music.
To learn more about recording artist Carrington MacDuffie and her new single "Because I Couldn't Have You," check out her official website.
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