Op-Ed: The end of the UK? It’s possible, but the misery will go on.

Posted Dec 11, 2019 by Paul Wallis
Britain has beaten external foes before. It’s when the enemy is within that the nation has problems. It survived World Wars 1 and 2, but can it survive Brexit? The election will give an answer. Whether it’s the final answer is to be seen.
Studies suggest that voters place the fate of the NHS as the second-most important issue behind Brex...
Studies suggest that voters place the fate of the NHS as the second-most important issue behind Brexit and Britain's relations with the rest of the world
The sheer frustration of the people in this election is visible everywhere. Brexit, itself an insane idea at best, has been botched in so many ways it’s almost indescribable. A babbling, unsightly, self-serving imbecile is the Prime Minister, and a sour old piece of wood the opposition leader.
They are both cordially loathed, both by their opponents and supporters. One has no ideas, the other has ideas and no idea how to express them. Johnson has contributed nothing. He’s avoided debates, ignored a young kid left on the floor of one of the nation’s besieged NHS hospitals, taken a camera from a journalist, and has been called purely self-motivated by just about all commentators. He was anti-Brexit before the referendum and has been a sort of embarrassing fanboy of Brexit since the referendum.
Corbyn has somehow managed to turn a somewhat staid left/progressive party into a party with a problem with anti-Semitism. He’s failed miserably to convince Britain’s Jews that he’s done anything at all about the issue. He’s also failed entirely to deliver any sort of clear message to non-Tory voters.
Brexit – 3 years of abject failure
Brexit is a virtual graveyard of British Prime Ministers and ministers. Many have come and gone. It’s taken 3 years to achieve exactly nothing but national embarrassment. It has also failed to take into account the interests of UK member states, like Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Brexit is and always has been an absurdity. The UK does most of its business with EU nations. The EU is only 25km or so away from the UK. The continent of Europe is unlikely to move somewhere else for the next billion years or so. (Despite obvious aesthetic considerations and having an island full of self-destructive idiots right next to it.)
Business, science, and a host of relationships have been put on the griller by Brexit. Not one single hard positive fact has so far been generated by Brexit on any level. The government itself predicts possible food and medicine shortages and riots as a result of a no-deal Brexit, but apparently these things are all part of the Great Plan.
The sheer insanity of the UK putting the EU in the position of calling the shots on Brexit is bad enough. The Europeans must be greatly enjoying Britain’s sudden lack of intellect. They can decide when how and if Britain does business with the EU. It’s a classic example of how not to do business with anyone, let alone the EU.
Also according to the Great Plan, Britain will flutter out to a benign world, trading, smiling, and doing selfies with admirers. Which world that might be is debatable. If it’s the primitive geopolitical world of Trump, Putin, Xi, climate change, toxic oceans, rampant pollution, the Middle East, and the rest of the dog’s breakfast we now try to call “the world”, it doesn’t sound too likely.
Then, after Brexit, the British Empire will be reborn, presumably on a spreadsheet somewhere in Treasury, because it can’t happen anywhere else, in any reality.
Also likely in this symphony of conceptual self-necrophilia are:
• The foundation of a British Raj in Clapham and the wild jungles of Kent.
• It will be illegal to admit to the existence of Scotland, which will have every reason to leave the UK to save its own trade.
• Any mention of revenue will be forbidden.
• Homelessness will be available only upon subscription.
• The use of British pounds as alternative building materials and prostheses as the NHS becomes too hard to spell for incumbent British governments.
• Border wars in Lancashire or somewhere else that’s not in the mainstream real estate market.
• Perhaps farmer uprisings in Mayfair, as the City of London’s cashflow is gutted by EU departures.
• Burning of huts in Knightsbridge to terrify the locals, who will be the only people who can afford to live in them. (Well, you can only oppress the people you can actually find, after all.)
• A rerun of the Wars of the Roses would be nice, too. Just in case anyone survives Brexit.
• Gunboats can be sent to Oxford and other universities. (So they should be; those are the colleges which claim to have educated these morons.)
• If all else fails, (and it obviously will) they can invade Wales, probably because it’s the only part of the UK which is likely to be friendly and doesn’t have as many weapons.
• Better still – Back on rationing! Mainly because there’s not the foggiest idea how food supplies will be managed. Didn’t even need a war, this time! What a bit of luck, eh?
It’ll be the Good Old Days all over again, particularly the bit about the Good Old Days being good for a very few, and godawful for everybody else. You can’t get much more British than suffering for decades for other people’s insanity, now can you?
The election
This election will make or break Britain, unless they hold more every six months. A Tory majority will probably deliver Brexit, largely thanks to the ineptitude of the opposition. Even Boris the Blunderer can win against someone who doesn’t even seem to know he’s in the game and has perhaps the most unimpressive media team of all time. Many people have called this election a national IQ test, and it is. Losing is not an option.
As someone with a pre-Christian British ancestry, including England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, may I say:
One totally consistent thing about British history is that the people are always left with the results of the disasters, sometimes for generations. That’s not likely to change. How you managed to allow this mob of inferior corrupt cockroaches to infest government is obvious. How you get rid of them, all of them, is up to you. The UK will not walk away from this train wreck unless you get it right. It really will be the end.