Review: Adam Lambert fantastic on 'Overglow' (Live Sessions) Special

Posted Dec 2, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Grammy-nominated pop star Adam Lambert has covered "Overglow" for a "Live Sessions" version, and it is sure to give his fans and listeners goosebumps.
Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert
Franz Szony
"Overglow" starts off in a piercing, soothing fashion, and it builds up into a powerful and compelling tune. The lyrics are pure poetry and the control that Lambert maintains over his dynamic voice is impeccable. He sings it effortlessly and is able to touch countless listeners along the way.
Lambert proves that he sounds better live than the recordings, which are excellent, to begin with. In the "Live Sessions" YouTube video, he is backed by talented musicians on instrumentals.
"Overglow" is the fourth track featured on Lambert's critically-acclaimed Velvet: Side A EP, which is available on Apple Music.
A few weeks ago, as Digital Journal reported, Lambert celebrated the 10th anniversary of his breakthrough studio album, For Your Entertainment.
The Verdict
Overall, Adam Lambert charms on his rendition of "Overglow" (Live Sessions), and it is bound to be a fan-favorite. It stands out vocally and sonically. Lambert deserves a virtual standing ovation for a job well done.
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