Parry Shen expresses gratitude for 'General Hospital' experience

Posted Dec 2, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
On December 1, actor Parry Shen (Brad Cooper on "General Hospital") shared a moving post to his fans and followers on his social networks.
Actor Parry Shen
Actor Parry Shen
Mariana Tosca
Shen acknowledged in a post on his official Facebook page that playing the role of Brad Cooper on the hit daytime drama General Hospital for the past (almost) seven years has been an "honor."
The Queens, New York, native went on to thank everybody both in front of the camera and behind the camera, and everyone in the audience. "Thank you for the memories," Shen exclaimed, prior to nothing that he is "eternally grateful."
His storyline has been intense on the show lately, as his on-screen husband, Lucas Jones (played by Ryan Carnes) is suspicious that he is keeping secrets from him (and little does he know that it involves a baby swap with their very own baby Wiley).
The new thriller Automation, where he plays the role of Alan, will be out on December 3 on Blu-Ray and VOD. The sci-fi film was directed by Garo Setian.
For more information on Parry Shen, follow him on Instagram and his official website.
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