ISL helps Mallory Comerford transition into a pro swimmer

Posted Nov 13, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
World champion swimmer Mallory Comerford is representing the Cali Condors in the new International Swimming League (ISL). She is transitioning from college life into a professional athlete.
World champion swimmer Mallory Comerford
World champion swimmer Mallory Comerford
Gary Hahn
Ever since she joined the Cali Condors (with Olympian Jason Lezak as the General Manager of the team), this has allowed for a smoother move into the professional swimming world after Comerford graduated from college a few months ago.
A four-time NCAA champion, Comerford noted that the timing of the ISL came at a perfect time in her swimming career. She noted that a lot of people told her that this transition can be a challenge, but she feels that the ISL is aiding her in that process.
Comerford acknowledged that being able to compete for the Cali Condors, she has a focus other than just training for the Olympic Games. She has a group of teammates that she can turn to and stand by throughout the whole process.
In addition, the ISL is enhancing the sport of swimming into a more mainstream sport, where it is not only popular every four years with the Summer Olympic Games. "I think the ISL is critical for the development of swimming," she said in a press statement. "The ISL is creating so many opportunities for the athletes, and it encourages us to come together to support a common cause. It is uniting the sport and allowing us to create a story for people to follow," she added.
Comerford believes that her college swimming training helped prepare her for the intensity of the ISL matches, and it has helped her be prepared to swim whatever race her team needs her to. She is looking forward to competing at the ISL meeting at the University of Maryland's Natatorium at the Eppley Recreation Center in College Park, Maryland, this weekend (November 16 and 17) with the Cali Condors.
To learn more about the Cali Condors, check out their official Facebook page.