Exclusive premiere: 'Dirt In My Veins' video by Jordan Rager Special

Posted Nov 7, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
On November 7, country singer-songwriter Jordan Rager premiered his music video for his new single "Dirt in My Veins" exclusively on Digital Journal.
Country artist Jordan Rager
Country artist Jordan Rager
Jason Myers
Regarding his new country single "Dirt in My Veins," Rager said, "The words in this song are my story. I spend most of my life away from home and I rarely ever get to see my hometown anymore."
"I carry a piece of it with me everywhere I go so I never feel too far away. I feel like the music video really captures that," he explained.
"Dirt in My Veins" is a nostalgic song that is relatable to anybody that has ever left a small town.
"Dirt in My Veins" by Jordan Rager is available on such digital providers as Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify.
To learn more about country singer-songwriter Jordan Rager and "Dirt in My Veins," check out his official website and Facebook page.