A conversation with the CEO of LIVIT: the new live-streaming app Special

Posted Oct 30, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Thomas Yu, the CEO of LIVIT chatted with Digital Journal about the new live-streaming app. It has had such a huge success in Asia with over 40 million users in that region and it is expanding to North America.
Thomas Yu  the CEO of LIVIT
Thomas Yu, the CEO of LIVIT
Aaron Jacobi
LIVIT enables users to watch real, entertaining and live content 24/7, as well as make real connections with streamers and viewers. Also, they can see into the lives of the hottest talent and most captivating personalities, be a part of the supportive community by commenting in streams and following other viewers and streamers, help their favorite streamers achieve their dreams, and attend exclusive events.
He noted that LIVIT offers a different type of live streaming experience. "While TikTok is short-form content and offers quick glimpses of users' lives, LIVIT aims to give you something more. We provide an intimate experience, that allows users to truly get to know their favorite talents through daily conversations."
You already have successfully cemented your footprint in Asia, establishing yourself as one of the leading live-streaming apps in the world with over 40 million active users. Can you please elaborate on why you wanted to focus on this new mission, and in the US market?
"I see live streaming as the new form of media, revolutionizing existing industries such as Twitch has with gaming. The concept of 'live' enables a true, raw connection between the streamer and the viewer- a whole new level of interaction that distinguishes us from the current most popular social apps. The US still has not hit critical mass awareness of what live streaming actually is. LIVIT will lead the way to showcase this amazing new way to connect and entertain.
If I was new to the app and wanted to know more about how to jump-start my career in being an on-camera personality. How do you recommend I start my profile?
"Those interested in streaming on LIVIT must audition first. Once a streamer is contracted with us, they are assigned a dedicated talent manager who will help develop them to be the best streamer possible."
The most successful streamers build a close community with its viewers. They can do that by acknowledging viewers as they enter their stream (through shout-outs and pokes), asking their viewers questions and remembering details about them, streaming frequently and regularly, clearly communicating their hopes and dreams to their audience, and sharing details about their lives and talents."
"We look for streamers who take the role seriously—like any other job—and put in the effort to put on an engaging show for their community. We always say 'good content always floats to the top,' so as long as streamers are engaging and willing to open up, the audiences will come."
What are some do's and don'ts that users should know before downloading the app and trying it out?
"The app is PG-13, and that's a policy we stick to for both viewers and streamers! We do not condone the use of hateful speech or bullying of any kind. A great way to get started, though, is to upload a good profile photo of yourself and add an eye-catching bio."
Your inaugural official launch event will be hosting LA’s largest live streaming competition with 30 of its top streamers from across the country, who will compete for points sent by their viewers. How did you come up with the idea to do this at a live event on launch day?
"In-person live streaming competitions are actually a staple event for our global company, 17 Live. Streamers compete in our in-app (online) events from their homes all the time but being in the same room as your competitors create a whole new level of intensity. It's fitting to launch our rebrand in conjunction with our inaugural offline event. We are looking to make a statement by pulling all the stops. We want our streamers to really feel like superstars and the excitement from the rebrand can carry out in the Halloween event. The rebrand was the opening act, our Halloween Event is the main, the event allows us to bring everything together, and it’s even better than our streamers and viewers will be involved."
Tell us about your biggest streamer success story?
"One of our top streamers, smilin_aislinn, was spotted in a Japanese night market, by a user of the app, who had watched her at an event the night before on the app."
What's next for LIVIT?
"There are so many things we can pursue, but the thing we will always focus on is our streamers. We invest our time, our energy, and our minds to help them on their journey towards achieving their dreams. On a more tangible perspective, we are striving to sign on more talented individuals, let more people know what live streaming is all about, and enable more real connections to be formed. This event is just the first step of many for the vision we have to shine a light on all our talented streamers now and to come."
How do you believe streaming services are shaping the digital generation?
"Live streaming is real and authentic. The personal connections you make through a live medium are different than a “like” on a photo. Nothing can be altered or change when it’s live. People value these one-time moments, the ones you can’t replay over and over again. It just feels special."