James Salvato talks 'The Voice,' 2020 'Best of Long Island' nod Special

Posted Oct 24, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Long Island singer James Salvato chatted with Digital Journal about his 2020 "Best of Long Island" nomination for "Best Singer from Long Island."
James Salvato
James Salvato
Photo courtesy of James Salvato
Salvato also opened up about auditioning for The Voice. "Auditioning for The Voice is probably one of the greatest experiences one could hope for as a musician. You get to see and learn so much going on behind the scenes you might never have if you weren't involved. It's a first hand look into what is expected in the industry and what it takes to be at your best," he said.
He shared that his future plans are to stay busy and active. "My plans include many things, like the colors of the ever-changing chameleon, so are the projects coming in the near future. There are lots of good surprises on the way. I am hoping everyone will enjoy what's in store this upcoming year."
Salvato offered his advice for hopefuls that would like to audition for any talent shows. "Always remain humble and true to yourself," he said. "Sadly, artists seem to alter their outlook/demeanor based on their personal experience they may have, or because they don't achieve the fame they anticipated immediately."
"Patience is definitely a virtue, especially when it comes to this or any field. Don't let anyone attempt to put you down regardless of how you may sound. If you decide a change is to be implemented, be sure it is for the right reasoning. That it is going to contribute to your growth and overall positivity as a performer. Keep going, this is a life long journey. Your journey," he elaborated.
".Try to not let the critics harden you by possible rejection. You may face it at some point in your career. But by coming back the next time, and having a 'never say never' attitude, that is what will catch their attention. Believe it or not, it's not always based solely on how you sound, but how you react as well," he said.
A few years back, in 2018, Salvato was the winner of "Best Singer From Long Island" in the "Best of Long Island" competition. "To win 'Best of Long Island' last year was one of the greatest moments in my musical career. It opens doors to other opportunities that may have never opened, or may have taken longer to do so," he said.
"I am honored and very thankful to be a part of the 'Best of' family.I am also very thankful to know that everything they do in regards to this competition has a significantly positive impact on the community and its businesses. Rock on," he added.
Recently, Salvato received a milestone on the platform ReverbNation, where he achieved one million song plays, and over 430,000 video plays. To check out his music, check out his ReverbNation music page.
To learn more about the 2020 "Best of Long Island" competition, or to vote, check out the official Best of Long Island website.