Kate Walsh talks overcoming menopause, Equelle and Olivia Colman Special

Posted Sep 21, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Actress Kate Walsh ("Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice") chatted with Digital Journal about her struggles with menopause and her partnership with Equelle. She also spoke about being an actress in this digital age.
Actress Kate Walsh
Actress Kate Walsh
Derek Kettela
The actress joined forces with Equelle, in an effort to change and modernize the way menopause is discussed in our culture, a struggle that is very personal to her.
Equelle is the non-hormonal, plant-based supplement clinically shown to alleviate the frequency of hot flashes and muscle aches associated with menopause. She is asking women everywhere to join the #LiveHotStayCool conversation. "I am super excited to partner with them for a myriad of reasons. I went through menopause early at the age of 39," she said. "12 years later, I find it surprising that there is a very little conversation about it in our culture at large."
For far too long menopause has been discussed in hushed tones or private, but with approximately 6,000 women in the United States reaching menopause each day and about 85 percent of women experiencing bothersome symptoms such as hot flashes, among other things.
Walsh acknowledged that she took a "holistic" approach to cope with menopause. "I do meditation, I changed my diet a lot and I tried to enhance my sleep. Also, I accepted it. Although there is a stigma around it, this is not the end," she said.
On being an actress in this digital age, she said, "It feels good. There is tons of work. The industry has changed so much. I feel very lucky and blessed to play great roles. I am busier than ever. The digital age is giving opportunity and voice to people and stories that didn't have the chance before and that's really exciting. That makes us more connected, understanding and interested in people from all different walks of life."
"It is such an exciting time to be an artist. I enjoy the level of autonomy and choice in the projects that I get involved with and partnerships that I agree to," Walsh added.
This year, she fulfilled a dream to work with Liam Neeson, and she listed Olivia Colman as her dream acting partners. "I love Olivia so much. I was so thrilled when she won the Oscar for The Favourite and I can't wait to see her in The Crown," she said.
On the title of the current chapter of her life, she responded, "Living My Best Life: The Kate Walsh Story."
She defined the word success as: "being happy and being in the moment, here and now." "Success is about being content, which I am," she said.
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