Dell announces software designed networking advancements

Posted Sep 2, 2019 by Tim Sandle
Dell Technologies has announced new SDN advancements to simplify and reduce the cost of networking for customers in the cloud era, by introducing the new Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution and Dell EMC SmartFabric Director.
Michael Dell
Founder and CEO of Dell, Inc.
Photo by edans (CC BY 2.0)
The new collaboration is happening due to the popularity of cloud networks, which are computer networks providing network interconnectivity between cloud based or cloud enabled application, services and solutions.
These announcements from Dell were made at VMworld 2019, with both solutions powered by VMware. Dell EMC’s work with VMware is the latest attempt by the company to rebuild the network for the cloud era. The move also represents an attempt to drive the momentum towards a software-defined data center.
The Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution represents is a one-stop fast and cost-effective form of office networking solution using VMware SD-WAN VeloCloud software and Dell EMC managed infrastructure.
A further collaboration is with Dell EMC and VMware announcing SmartFabric Director, which is a tightly-integrated solution designed for physical to virtual networking visibility. This solution is intended for allowing data center operators to easily build, operate and monitor an open network underlay fabric. This fabric is based on Dell EMC PowerSwitch Series switches.
The smart fabric platform has been designed to simplify data center fabric deployment and operations, as well as to keep up with the varying demands of virtualized and software-defined networks.
Many businesses are turning towards network virtualization, which refers to the ability to simulate a hardware platform, such as a server, storage device or network resource, in software. This can deliver advantages across different businesses, such as telecoms where this type of technology can upscale the way that telecom networks are designed, deployed, and operated. Alternatively, this concept can help to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents across datacenters and cloud systems.
According to Tom Burns, senior vice president & general manager, Dell EMC Networking & Solutions: “Dell EMC and VMware are rebuilding the network for the cloud era - with everything open, automated and software-defined.”
He adds: “New SD-WAN solutions powered by VMware and network fabric management delivered by SmartFabric Director raise the stakes when it comes to network virtualization and security in today’s highly-distributed software-defined enterprise. We’re just getting started on our combined innovation.”