First Ever Carbon Tax in Boulder Colorado

Posted Nov 18, 2006 by Telafree

To help reduce gas emissions, Boulder Colorado is believed to be the first city to vote for a carbon tax. The taxes will start in 2007.
April 1st, 2007 is the day the tax takes affect. The tax will be based on the kilowatt-hours used. The average american home electiric bill would only be raised 16 dollars a year. For businesses it is only a 46 dollar addition."The goal is to reduce the carbon levels to 7 percent less than those in 1990, which amounts to a 24 percent reduction from current levels" .
This is very simliar to what Portland, Oregon instituted in 2001. "There, a 3 percent fee is assessed on electricity bills by the two largest investor-owned utilities,""The tens of millions of dollars is transferred to the Energy Trust of Oregon, a nonprofit organization, rather than the state government. The trust distributes cash incentives to businesses and residents for using alternative sources like solar and wind power, biomass energy and structural improvements to improve efficiency. " Portland does not have the carbon tax so Boulder takes the official first place.