Review: Ben Kessler delivers on smooth pop single 'Good Enough' Special

Posted Aug 11, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Emerging pop singer-songwriter Ben Kessler released his latest single "Good Enough" via his own record label, VYB. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Singer-songwriter Ben Kessler
Singer-songwriter Ben Kessler
Will Nicolaides
Kessler's vocals on "Good Enough" are mellow and crisp, where the listener can recall such pop stars as Charlie Puth meets Shawn Mendes, and that ought to be taken as a major compliment. Kessler's voice is smooth as silk.
He maintains great control over his voice and his music encompasses elements of pop, indie, R&B/soul and adult contemporary.
"Good Enough" is available on Apple Music and on Spotify.
The Verdict
Overall, Ben Kessler delivers on his brand new single "Good Enough." The song is well-crafted and it deserves to be on the radio airwaves due to its catchy beats, lyrics and melodies. Hopefully, this is a harbinger of more great things to come from Kessler in the music business. "Good Enough" garners an A rating.
To learn more about singer-songwriter Ben Kessler and his single "Good Enough," check out his official Facebook page and on Instagram.