Google Cloud and VMware are to work closer together on services

Posted Jul 31, 2019 by Tim Sandle
Google Cloud and VMware are to extend their strategic partnership and develop a new solution which will support VMware workloads running in Google Cloud and strengthen customers’ hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.
Cloud computing is among Google's most lucrative services  but the technology company faces com...
Cloud computing is among Google's most lucrative services, but the technology company faces competition from Microsoft and Amazon
VMware and Google Cloud have announced Google Cloud VMware Solution by CloudSimple. This will be a new service designed to enable organizations to operate their VMware workloads in the Google Cloud Platform. In doing so, this gives businesses the choice and flexibility to run VMware workloads either in-site, within a hybrid architecture, or in the cloud. VMware is a software visualization company that provides cloud computing and virtualization software and services.
The solution is dependent upon VMware Cloud Foundation infrastructure software, which is deployed on the Google Cloud Platform. The solution will be operated by CloudSimple, who are a VMware Cloud Verified partner. CloudSimple provides a service to the world’s leading cloud vendors to deploy and manage workloads in a dedicated, private cloud in public clouds.
Commenting on the new partnership, Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud notes why flexibility is key: "Customers increasingly want to run their mission-critical workloads, including those from VMware, in Google Cloud. We’re delighted to partner with VMware to support these workloads, enabling customers to leverage Google Cloud’s core competencies such as secure, performant, global and highly available infrastructure, AI, ML and analytics.”
By hosting VMware on Google Cloud Platform, clients will have access to the VMware tools and training, plus be able to run their cloud strategies. These tools are VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX. each of these will be operated by CloudSimple, with first line of support provided by Google Cloud.
In related news, VMware is aiming to purchase Uhana, a U.S.-based network automation software startup that began in Stanford University. Uhana has developed cloud-based software that allows operators to predict anomalies in network operations and applications by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.