Shimza talks about 'Eminence' EP, digital age of electronic music Special

Posted Jul 30, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
South African DJ and producer Shimza chatted with Digital Journal about his "Eminence" EP, and he opened up about being an artist in this digital age.
South African DJ and producer Shimza
South African DJ and producer Shimza
Nick Bolton
On the song selection process for his Eminence EP, he said, "Normally, I just make music and put the music aside, I make different styles of music within the Afro-tech genre and each song would be inspired by something for it to take its own direction. After some time I go back and listen to the music and select the ones that stand out for me."
"I never want to have an EP or release that has songs that sound the same so out of say 10 songs that I had made I'll put forward three or four of the ones I think are different to each other but would have a good combination together," he said.
"My A&R team also helps to choose the music and I value that because I get to hear my music through other people's ears before I put it out to the world," he added.
He listed the title track "Eminence" as his favorite song on the EP. "I like it because of the energy of the song and I enjoy playing the song because I see how it gets people going. The other songs also have a crazy impact according to where and what time I'm playing, the whole EP works and I'm happy," he exclaimed.
On his plans for the future, he said, "To make more music and releasing on labels that will also work hand in hand with building my profile globally. The music is a tool I use to get to places and to people I might not be able to reach physically."
"I want to do more shows in different places so I get to learn more through that, all the traveling and being exposed to other cultures and different styles of music have an impact on me on how I approach my music and DJing," he added.
When asked what he loves most about electronic music, he said, "I love the fact that most of it sounds the same, but yet very different. It's amazing how there's so much good music out there that we can share with the masses and when I think about the thought process of making music, I really appreciate how everyone can just be unique in their own style."
On being an electronic artist in this digital age, he said, "It feels good. I appreciate how the music connects us globally, we don't just make music for radio, we make music that we love and that translates to our people. Nothing makes me happier than to see people jamming to music that they don't know."
Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine as a musician, he said, "I use technology to connect me with my customers. It is very important to be in contact with them, it's actually the most important thing if you are trying to build a brand and sell music and for me to be able to speak to thousands of people in different parts of the world at a click of a button in my own comfort is the best thing ever."
On his dream collaboration choices, he responded, "I don't have a dream artist, my dream is to collaborate with anyone that is talented and we just make good music, that's it."
For his fans and listeners, he concluded about his Eminence EP, he said, "This EP is my interpretation of how I want to be identified globally, it's who I am and they must look out for more music that I will be releasing soon. I'm building a unique identity and can't wait for the world to listen."
His Eminence EP is available on iTunes.