Review: Cole Swindell electrifying at Jones Beach on 'Sunset Repeat' Tour Special

Posted Jul 14, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
On July 13, country star Cole Swindell performed at Jones Beach Theater on Long Island, as part of country megastar Luke Bryan's "Sunset Repeat" Tour.
Country star Cole Swindell performing live
Country star Cole Swindell performing live
Gary Hahn
Swindell shared the stage with country artist Jon Langston, and they were both able to warm up the stage for Luke Bryan.
The visuals and digital projections on Swindell's stage throughout his show were a true work of art. He kicked off his set with his latest single "Love You Too Late." "Jones Beach, how y'all doing?" he asked. "Y'all feeling good?"
Swindell immediately broke into "Sounded Good Last Night," and he subsequently praised his audience for "sounding good tonight," and rightfully so. He continued with 'Hope You Get Lonely Tonight," "It's Saturday night," Swindell exclaimed.
He continued with the uplifting and vivacious "Hey Y'all," which was a great deal of fun. He complimented fellow country singer Jon Langston for being "awesome" for opening the show.
It was followed by a moving rendition of "Middle of a Memory." "I swear I wouldn't want to be anywhere else tonight," he admitted. The stage was graced in a starry backdrop, and he performed his break-up ballad "Break Up in the End."
He shared his love for party songs and having a good time, so he sang "Brought To You By Beer" and debuted his new song "Drinkin' Hours," where yellow lights dimmed from the stage. "We ain't working tonight," he told the Long Island crowd.
There was not a dry eye in the venue when Swindell sang the poignant No. 1 single "You Should Be Here," which left his audience in goosebumps and drenched in raw emotions. It was a fitting tribute to his late father. "Let's appreciate those who we have here tonight. Thank you for letting me write this," he said, graciously.
He changed the pace of the show entirely with the follow-up "Ain't Worth the Whiskey." "I'm raising my glass to every single person," he said, acknowledging even the people who bought tickets in the nosebleed section.
Swindell went on to sing the last chorus an additional time, where the audience was reciting it verbatim, as an empowering image of the American flag displayed on the video board.
He was able to "bring the beat back" with his smash single "Let Me See Ya Girl," and its infectious hooks. He interacted well with the audience and even shook hands during this song. "Without you, there would be no show. Thank you for showing up on a Saturday night," he said, effusively.
After a sip of water, Swindell began his first No. 1 single "Chillin' It" a cappella and then the entire band joined in and it was a true musical event. "Who wants to get laid back and lazy?" he asked, and everyone agreed with him.
"Thank song started it all for us," he said, referring to "Chillin' It." He threw in a fun cover of "Old Town Road," which was an added treat.
"Let's get back to the song I wrote," he said and delivered his own rendition of "This Is How We Roll," which became a smash hit for Florida Georgia Line. He closed on a spitfire note with "Flatliner," and he went on to introduce his talented band members, which included Joel Hutsell and Clint May on guitars, as well as Chris Marquart on drums.
The Verdict
Overall, Cole Swindell put on an electrifying live show at Jones Beach as part of the "Sunset Repeat" Tour. His passion and love for his craft is evident and it is only a matter of time before he starts selling out Jones Beach himself.
Swindell has one of the biggest hearts in country music, where he cares for his fans, band members and fellow artists alike. He showcased a great deal of gratitude to everyone that has helped make his dream of playing music a reality. His concert tonight at Jones Beach garnered five out of five stars.
To learn more about Cole Swindell and his music, check out his official website.