Review: Avicii and Imagine Dragons collaborate on 'Heart Upon My Sleeve' Special

Posted Jul 10, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Avicii's posthumous album, "TIM," was released in June of 2019, and it features the song "Heart Upon My Sleeve," where the late electronic star collaborates with the Grammy award-winning rock group Imagine Dragons.
Seen here performing in Malmo  southern Sweden  in 2016  Avicii was among the first DJs to break thr...
Seen here performing in Malmo, southern Sweden, in 2016, Avicii was among the first DJs to break through in the mainstream as electronic dance music grew over the past decade from nightclubs to Top 40 radio
Bjorn Lindgren, TT News Agency/AFP/File
Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds nails the lead vocals in this haunting track. The lyrics are raw and conversational, and it has a stirring vibe to it. Reynolds allows his husky and raspy voice to shine, and it compliments Avicii's production well.
Avicii's posthmous album TIM is available on iTunes and on Spotify. The proceeds from this collection go towards the Tim Bergling Foundation, which raises awareness on mental health.
The Verdict
Overall, "Heart Upon My Sleeve" is a bittersweet homage to the late but great Avicii. It is bound to become a fan-favorite track. Imagine Dragons does the song justice, but it is sad that there will be no more original music from Swedish electronic superstar Avicii since he was a creative and artistic genius. "Heart Upon My Sleeve" garners two thumbs up.
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