Tina Andrew talks NY Breakers, International Swimming League Special

Posted Jun 16, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Tina Andrew, the General Manager of the New York Breakers, chatted with Digital Journal about the International Swimming League (ISL), and she offered her advice for young and aspiring swimmers. She also spoke about the digital transformation of aquatics.
NY Breakers co-owner Tina Andrew
NY Breakers co-owner Tina Andrew
Jana Kaiser
The New York Breakers was founded in April of 2019. They are New York's newest professional sports team and a founding member of the new and transformative International Swimming League (ISL).
On serving as a General Manager for the New York Breakers of the ISL, Andrew said, "That feels incredible. We feel part of something very special. We are privileged and honored to be given the opportunity to apply our passion, vision, and skills and towards making a real difference in the sport of swimming that is about to change as we know it."
Regarding the importance of the ISL, she said, "It was clear as we embarked on this Olympic journey with Michael that swimming may be one of the most physically demanding, requiring the highest sacrifice, longest hours training with the highest risk of potentially 'not making' it after giving up so much, unlike any other Olympic sports."
She continued, "To see athletes from different stages in their careers, now have real hope for the future, for making a living doing what they love and having more opportunities to race (doing what they love). ISL is important to me because I see its potential to give more athletes a slice of this precious pie and not just having to pick up the crumbs from the top two or three athletes according to the existing system."
"The sport has been grossly mismanaged and Konstantin Gregorishin has what it takes to make this league successful and change the game completely," she added.
For young and aspiring swimmers, Andrew encouraged them to "start dreaming big." "Don't accept the status quo. Trust but verify. Always ask your coach 'why' you are asked to do something (respectfully of course), don't be afraid to try new things, be honest with yourself always and most of all watch what you think because you manifest what you believe," she said.
Digital transformation of aquatics
On the impact of technology on aquatics, she said, "Technology and science continue to be a game changer. Since water is so resistive, any technology that can be used to determine the most effective and most powerful position of a stroke with the least amount of energy expended applied is invaluable."
Andrew continued, "Having 'eyes' under the water and ability (platform) to show athlete what you are seeing right away while they can work on corrections, is magical. The ability to share and also coach underwater footage from around the world makes new methods and techniques more accessible to all, in my opinion, expediting the revolution."
"Recovery through new scientific diets (Keto), blood flow restriction (Kaatsu), instant measuring things that are going on inside your body with Masimo are all game changers when implemented/applied consistently," she added.
Swimming coach Peter Andrew
Swimming coach Peter Andrew
Jana Kaiser
In her personal life, she is a mother to two children: professional swimmer Michael Andrew and a daughter, Michaela, and a wife to swimming coach Peter Andrew. "I may be falling a little short in his area and working on restoring balances a little. Teamwork makes the dream work. We all have our designated roles in different seasons. This season has been little nuts all things considered but there is light at the end of the tunnel," she said.
She continued, "I work too much and play too little and since moving the ocean, I am still working on getting into a routine to break away from work to get to the beach that instantly restores my soul and energy. Fiercely try to protect family time and boundaries around meal times (no phones), at least one rest day a week when not traveling always help us all recalibrate and recharge."
"As long as I daily make God my top priority, I can tackle the world and be all I need to be for my young adults. Its Michaela's birthday today and I'm being reminded we are moving into the 'friendship' stage now, where I'm no longer her caregiver. It is so fun," she said.
On her plans for the future, she said, "It is bright, it is exciting and it is sometimes scary. Following my advice given to younger swimmers, dream big so that what we think of can manifest."
She continued, "I dream of a NY Breakers Academy or center of excellence somewhere where there is amazing surf, as long as we live near surfing waves we will see our kids longer as I've never seen them both love something as much as they love the ocean and surfing."
"We have scientists in all fields (nutrition, recovery, physical, spiritual, mental) and provide athletes a home complete in a real family atmosphere to perfect their craft, to hone their business skills, to learn and then to go out and equip others to further revolutionize the sport of swimming," she said.
Each day, Andrew is motivated by "love for people" and "being in her happy place when she can serve or help with something."
She defined success as "eternal life in heaven." "Life on this earth is but a blink. I want to succeed in this life by building real treasures in heaven. Fruit. We are judged by the fruit of our labor. For me 'fruit' is real lasting relationships," she said.
"Success, to me, means coming out on the other side of this journey as a better person when I entered. Being real, authentic and integrity intact, taking a stand no matter what the fallout and then living with consequences with grace," she added.
On ISL and NY Breakers, she said, "I would like to call your readers to action to engage in this endeavor, get to know the teams in the ISL, choose your favorite stars and teams and treat them just as you will existing pro teams. We have some catching up to do but ISL is smart, resourceful and swimming is the best sport."
"It is just a matter of time and your readers can say they were there from the beginning. The NY Breakers are the team to watch," she exclaimed. "They are truly an extraordinary group of superstars that all have a passion and a purpose beyond just the pool. I can't wait to introduce each one of them to you and have you get to know them as they become household names in the near future."
The New York Breakers will announce their full roster on Tuesday, June 18 at 12 p.m. EST.
To learn more about New York Breakers, check out their Instagram page and their website.