Review: Rupert Holmes honored by NY Gilbert and Sullivan Players Special

Posted Jun 12, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
On June 12, Tony award-winning composer and singer-songwriter Rupert Holmes was honored by NY Gilbert and Sullivan Players at their 2019 GALA in New York.
Tony winner Rupert Holmes
Tony winner Rupert Holmes
Susan Woog Wagner
Rupert Holmes was the recipient of the coveted Albert Bergeret Living Legacy of Gilbert and Sullivan Award. Jill Eisner served as GALA chair and Albert Bergeret made the warm, opening remarks.
Bergeret began the musical portion of the show with a parody of "When I Was a Lad" from H.M.S. Pinafore, and it was followed by David Wannen's rousing rendition of "The People That You Never Get To Love." Mark York accompanied all performers on piano throughout the evening.
David Auxier, Richard Holmes (Rupert's brother) and David Macaluso soared on a medley of hits that included "My Name is John Wellington Wells," "When I Go Out of Door," "Both Sides of the Coin."
Caitlin Burke showcased her incredible soprano vocal range on "The Wages of Sin" and after "I Am So Proud," they closed the first part of their show with "No Good Can Come From Bad," which featured an all-star cast.
After the first act, a video presentation by David Wannen and Sarah Caldwell Smith followed about the work that the NY Gilbert and Sullivan Players do to support their mission statement, which deals with giving vitality to the living legacy of Gilbert and Sullivan through performance and education. It was followed by a paddle auction.
The second segment of the show kicked off with the impressive "My Eyes Are Fully Open," which was quite a mouthful, and it was followed by Matthew Wages' rich version of "I Am Often Mistaken For a Bishop." Richard Holmes joined by Angela Christine Smith were stunning on "Evensong," while Daniel Greenwood and Sarah Caldwell Smith were just as remarkable on "The Name of Love."
David Wannen allowed his dynamic voice to shine on "When the Night Wind Howls" and David Auxier returned for an endearing rendition of Holmes' "The Wind and the Rain." Richard Holmes concluded the musical program with "The Writing on the Wall," which garnered a standing ovation.
Rubert Holmes was presented with his prestigious award towards the end of the event, and he gave a heartwarming, elaborate and witty speech, which included three noteworthy musical numbers of his own. Holmes expressed his sincere gratitude to all that made this possible, including his brother, Richard and his wife of 50 years.
Holmes mentioned that he is "thankful for the way the songs were rendered" tonight and added that they were "done so vibrantly." He also serenaded the audience to his smash hit "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" and shared the story behind the song. He shared that with "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)," he had a No. 1 song for two decades without interruption, and it only took him an hour to write.
The Verdict
Overall, all the performers deserve a huge round of applause for a job well done in making this musical program and award presentation a major success, as they paid homage to a true national treasure and Rennaisance man, Rupert Holmes.
To learn more about NY Gilbert and Sullivan Players, check out their official website.
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